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Last version is 2.6 

If you used RIVeR and liked it, don't forget to cite it!πŸ˜‰ DOI: 10.1016/j.cageo.2017.07.009

In order to use RIVeR you will also need to download and install the coresponding MATLAB Runtime, please check out the Manual for more details.


Mac OS



Last version  (October 2022)

In the main menu:
Batch processing !
Manual Tracking feature 
Embedded PIVlab 2.58 (Release September2022)
Parallel processing 
Fixed minor bugs
Added (+ and -) STD area on the velocity profile
Added 5% and 95% percentile area on the velocity profile
Display of velocities from manual tracking and possibility to use thes value for discharge computation.
Fixed minor bugs

Older versions

RIVeR v2.5 compiled with MCR 9 - 2015b (September 2020)
-Embedded PIVlab 2.36 (Release June 2020)
-Calculates median velocity field instead of mean
-New sequencing style option added for automatic PIV processing in Tool>Automatic PIV settings
-Added pixel size definition if already known in 2D Control Points definition  (for video recorded from UAS)
-Added Control Points definition by loading a file (more than 4 points are allowed)
-Added pixel diagonal size on original image after Control Points definition
-With 3D rectification, the Control Points are re-projected on the original image (this lets you check quickly if your input is all good)
-Cross Section vectors are also projected on original image
-Fixed exporting the current velocity field
-Updated RIVeR's logo 😎
-Added interpolation of velocity profile with Froude number
-Added a button that replace velocity at selected station by NaN
-Added a check box for NaNs interpolations in velocity profile
-Added proportion of discharge interpolated
-Fixed minor bugs

RIVeR v2.4.3 compiled with MCR 9 - 2015b (Noviembre 2019)
-Added a User Manual
-Embedded PIVlab 2.3.1 (Release October 4th 2019)
-Automatic PIVlab (No need to define PIV parameters) in File>PIVlab>PIVlab automatic
-New colors for the 4 Control Points distances definition adapted for color blindness
-Added graphic tips for user
-Added a "flip" button in when loading the stage profile (for profiles that start from right bank)
-Improved profiles exportation in an Excel file in Export>Current Profiles
-The mean rectified result is automatically selected after rectification
-Fixed single image rectification bug
-Fixed display bugs
-Fixed minor bugs

RIVeR v2.4.2 compiled with MCR 9 - 2015b (July 2019)
-Resizable windows
-Fixed bug when extracting images from path with spaces
-Fixed minor bugs

RIVeR v2.4.1 compiled with MCR 9 - 2015b (April 2019)
- New and more adequate frame extraction method: frame step is now defined instead of frame rate.
- Fixed the bug when the water level is defined as the same as the first stage point.
- Fixed the bug that saved the last unshaked frame into the second unshaked frame.
- Fixed the bug in the HTML report that displayed the discharge value without applying the coefficient between the mean velocity and the superficial velocity.
- Fixed the bug that occurred when you defined the CPs with a single length that has more than 3 digits.
- More minor bugs fixed...

RIVeR v2.4 compiled with MCR 9 - 2015b (January 2019)
- Embedded PIVlab 2.00 : The wonderful tool developed by William Thielicke is finally available directly from RIVeR from File>PIVlab
- Added Cross-section panel. It is now possible to edit the coordinate of an existing Cross-Section (in pixel and real world coordinates).
- Added edit of number of samples over the cross section
- Added color code for the extremities of the Cross Sections: red is for the left bank and green is for the right bank
- Added summary table at the end of the HTML report
- Added the mid section method for discharge calculation
- Added the % of total discharge curve
- Fixed minor UI bugs

RIVeR v2.3.1 compiled with MCR 9 - 2015b (October 2018)
- Unshake video feature added
- fix of the GUI's look issue with Java (borderless buttons)

RIVeR v2.3 compiled with MCR 9 - 2015b (June 2018)
- 3D Rectification
- Single length scaling (for video recorded from UAS)

- New Discharge module with Areacomp2
- New HTML based summary

- Spaces allowed in path to video
- Time step automatically imported from extraction file 
- Bugs fixes

RIVeR v2.2 compiled with MCR 9 - 2015b (July 2017)
RIVeR v2.2 compiled with MCR 8.5 - 2015a (February 2017)
-Added Areacomp2
-Time series extraction
- Bugs fixes
RIVeR v2.1 (September 2016)
RIVeR v2.0

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